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Stress, Anxiety, Weight loss, Easting Disorder, Existential Crisis, Nutrition, Sleep disorder, Trauma, Confidence, OCD...

Sol Haleakala

Holistic Therapist and life coach, I gratuated from College with a degree in Psychology, Psychopathology and Psychoanalysis in order to support you in the best way possible and help you heal. 

I also trained over the years to many tools and approach, that I use in my everyday work : EFT, AT, Nutrition and more.

About therapy.


As a therapist and holistic coach, I work with my patients by providing them with the clarity and support needed to clarify their mental, physical, or any other necessary request. Whether it is a trauma, an illness, a simple need to chat, a decision to take or a situation you can no longer bear, I am here. We create with the patient, a personal reflection to help them heal from its ailments.

It is often quite easy to put a word on what is wrong or causes discomfort: heartbreak, lack of confidence, divorce, accident .. but rarely on a global situation. Indeed, it is often an accumulation of elements and traumas (recent and old) that outline the contours of your current life, events and thoughts.

I will help you discover mental blocages, essential life hacks, mental barriers and other, in order to support you on your journey.

"You know, sometimes we have so much noses in the book, that we forget that it is one and that we are the author."


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To heal

My coaching programs are designed with your health, lifestyle, and personal goals. I am a strong believer of adaptating every situation and guideline to each patient. 

My coaching style is a blend of psychology, nutrition, health, philosophy and years of experience. I will guide you as far as you allow me to, with inspirational quotes and medical research. 

Therapy : Video Call

Therapy : 1 month over email

Therapy : Video Call Session 

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Therapy : Email Coaching / 1 month

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1. Schedule & book

You just need to click on the button below, and chose a day and time and suites you.

For the video call therapy : my sessions are via Messenger, Skype or FaceTime. 

Clic on the button : "I'm booking an appointment, and I'm starting my therapy as soon as possible!"

For the therapy over email : 1 month lenght. 

Clic on the button : "I'm booking a spot, and I'm starting my therapy as soon as possible!"  

2. Fill in the pre-questionnaire

Once the appointment has been made, or the exchange of mail reserved, you will receive a confirmation email from me within 24 hours, containing:

- a pre-questionnaire to be completed (which you will return to me) in order to maximize the effectiveness of the session (s). This will allow us to focus on your needs and objectives. Take your time and make room for this essential reflection. I will study it and we will dive directly into it, together.

- a Paypal payment link

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Therapy :
Video Call

Therapy : By mail, over 1 month

Therapy : Video Call Session 

Step 1

Therapy : Email Coaching / 1 month

Step 2

129€ / 1 session
327€ / 3 sessions


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